What is SMS Campaign?

SMS API Campaign

What is SMS Campaign? An SMS campaign enables to communicate with large group of recipients with text messages. Messaging mainly concentrates on sending product offers, discounts and vouchers that enhances sales and marketing of the business. Campaign messages are one-to-many bulk text messages. They are typically used to communicate about business promotions (coupons, offers, etc.), […]

How Smart SMS Works and can help you in campaign success?

SMS Alerts

Smart SMS Service Smart SMS Service enables business marketing campaigns to the next success level, where they can manage website links, file attachments, and web page links in text SMS. When users click the link, the Business can get track of the recipient’s Geo-location data.¬†Customer Location-based campaign marketing is much more effective for any business, […]

What is a SMS Notification?

SMS Updates

SMS Notifications SMS notification is a text message that is sent from a business when some event happens in the business application, to inform about news, notifications, updates, emergencies, offers, etc. For example, when you try to login into your bank account, you might get a notification SMS from your bank that you logged in […]