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    Whatsapp Business Account Creation

    Whatsapp business API Signup Process

    To get a WhatsApp Business API Access, you will need the following: A valid phone number - An email - A legal Company name & A Meta Business Account which you can create a new or connect to an existing one during the Signup process. You have to provide these prerequisites to Rivet solution support .


    Verification & Approval

    Business verifies its Facebook Business Manager ID by submitting business documents such as Company Formation Documents and Taxation Certificates. After the Business Manager ID is verified, a request is sent for WhatsApp API approval.


    WhatsApp Number Configuration

    Business provides Rivet with a fresh Whatsapp Number and Whatsapp Display Name to be configured with the mapped Business account. Also, an email id with access to Facebook Account is required to be shared to access Business WhatsApp API.


    WhatsApp API Go Live Token

    Whatsapp number and display name are approved and verified and the API token is ready to be used.

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    Acquire more customers with enhanced productivity by using a single platform for lead generation, promotions & customer service. No Per Message Fees.

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    Select the date, time or whenever you want to send messages to your contacts in just couple of clicks. Easy to use.

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    Customer Satisfaction

    Raise customer satisfaction with real-time communications, and smarter query resolutions through Auto-replies or Chatbot.

    Bulk Messaging

    Promote your offers to your customers and groups. Send Images and Videos to all your contacts.

    Safe and Secure

    Your data is safe and secure. Our website is secure with SSL certificate. Your chat messages are not saved in our servers and cannot be seen by us.

    Business WhatsApp API

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    Why do you need Business WhatsApp API for your Business?


    Customer prefer talking to a Bot


    Queries handled by a Bot


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    Generate leads using a WhatsApp chatbot with

    Automate your business conversation with ibot+


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    Whether focusing on a campaign for a brand or managing customer service, WhatsTap helps businesses be more productive by automating all their WhatsApp responses. Our service is guaranteed to increase your sales and customer satisfaction!


    Most Popular Questions

    • A Facebook Business Manager account.
    • A verified business.
    • Approved WhatsApp Business API.

    Yes, you can send messages outside of the 24-hour window, but those messages are template messages which has to be approved by WhatsApp prior. They are like notifications, appointment reminders and order notifications.

    WhatsApp Business API messaging is mainly intended for customer service interactions, hence WhatsApp does not allow WhatsApp Business API for marketing messages. If a business wants to send message, then the message sent to your customer needs to be a template message, hence any marketing content will not be approved.

    WhatsApp business API is targeted at medium and large companies, where it requires large volume of conversation between a customer and business. Small companies can also get lot of benefits from WhatsApp business API messaging as it provides more business authentic messages thus developing customer trust on the company. In order to have a ‘Verified’ WhatsApp account, you need to be a known and well-established company.

    Yes, to connect with the customer through WhatsApp business you need an active opt-in from the customer. For example, you can include a checkbox on your website for the customer to opt-in. Alternatively, messaging icon on the website through which the customer may also initiate a conversation with your company.

    As WhatsApp strictly do not support promotional and marketing message on their WhatsApp business API platform, it adheres its API user to follows strict guidelines that are compliance with the WhatsApp Business Solution Terms, with the WhatsApp Business Solution Policy, and with its Commerce Policy. During the account approval process by WhatsApp, it check to see that the business and its related use case in line with the above guidelines.

    WhatsApp supports business-initiated and user-initiated messaging.

    Business-initiated messaging is when the business sends the first message to the user, or replies to the user more than 24-hours after the last message received from the user. This typically applies to notification use cases. To have a Business-initiated messaging, the business requires the use of templates that are pre-approved by WhatsApp.

    In case of user-initiated messaging, the user sends the message to business first. A 24 hours window starts from the last user message, within these 24 hours the business can reply back with free-form messages.

    WhatsApp Business API servers a major platform for business communication for a large number of non-promotional cases. Some of the day-to-day use cases are shipping updates, travel updates and ticket confirmation, delivery notifications, in-message payment links and receipts, order placements, reservations, appointment reminders, customer support platform to provide efficient and personalized support. Some of the top use-cases are
    Customer Support: A business with the well-maintained Customer service is more vital component because it retains customers and extracts more value from them. The user queries can be handled manually or through automated response from chatbots.
    Notifications: With WhatsApp messaging platform you can send automated messages like delivery notifications, appointment reminders, payment processing, travel itinerary changes and so on.
    Lead Generation: Integrate the WhatsApp messaging in website, Facebook messenger or any other channels, so that with user-initiated queries you can ask questions and collect details. Follow up with users easily thus collecting the customer leads.

    To have an API from WhatsApp you first need to have a WhatsApp business API. Rivet provides you with step-by-step onboarding details, so that you can submit the application for WhatsApp business API and get it verified by WhatsApp.

    Once the business account is created after the approval of application that was submitted to WhatsApp, you can use the API to connect with the WhatsApp users. Rivet provides business chat platform that you can easily integrate with WhatsApp Business API and automated chatbot to interact with your customers.

    Text, Image/Video/Pdf, Audio, Location, and Contact are the message content types that are supported.

    Usually, the time taken to get the verified business account can range from 2 days – 4 weeks. It depends on the accuracy of data that is submitted, business details, thus few accounts get permission within the first week and some might take 2-3 weeks.

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