Rivet SMS for Zoho CRM Extension is a free marketplace extension for Zoho CRM to send SMS to the leads, accounts, and contacts. It helps you to automate SMS sending based on your Zoho flow.

Rivet SMS offers one of the best SMS for Zoho CRM extensions enabling you to save SMS Message templates to reuse in the future. Rivet SMS Extension for Zoho is easy to integrate and configure.

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Rivet SMS Solutions

Step 1


Step 2

Search for RIVET SMS

Zoho CRM Integration

Step 3

Search for RIVET SMS


Step 4

Go to Leads to

SMS Magic Zoho CRM

Step 5

Create a new lead in Zoho CRM

Best CRM for Lead Generation

Step 6

Fill up the lead details and press save

Zoho CRM Creating Leads

Step 7

In the lead please press Send SMS – Rivet

Zoho CRM Workflow SMS

Step 8

Sign in with Google

Bulk SMS Zoho CRM

Step 9

Authorize Google

best sms for zoho crm

Step 10

After Authorization of Google Please enter
the Rivet API key provided by Rivet Solutions ,
How do I use Zoho to send SMS

Step 11

After Adding the Rivet API Key … Please enter the
Brand name provided by Rivet Solutions ,
Is Sending SMS from Zoho FREE

Step 12

SMS is Ready to be sent

SMS Integration Zoho CRM

Rivet Integration with Zoho CRM is Completed.  Now We will create workflow.

Step 13

To Create a workflow Go to Leads …and press Send SMS – Rivet

Step 14

Go to your profile

Step 15

After Going in profile select the workflow

Step 16

After going to work flow you will get a screen like this

Step 17

Please open new tab and press go for
Go to settings that you can see with your profile

Check for automation and go to workflows rules

Step 18

Create a Rule

Step 19

Select Module and put the rule name

Step 20

Once you reach the screen you can choose ON A RECORD ACTION

Step 21

Select for all leads

Step 22

Instant action select the Webhook

Step 23

Create New Webhook

Step 24

Now from the other tab take the details and paste in the Webhook

Step 25

Make the connection general after it should look like this

Step 26

Change parameters to Raw and JSON

Step 27

From other tab copy the parameters

Step 28

Copy and paste to other tab

Step 29

Then follow

Step 30

Save and associate

You are all done just create a new lead and test


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