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Rest SMS API Gateway, Trusted by thousands of brands globally for 2 Factor authentication and transactional SMS. Platform scaled to handle a high volume of traffic. We deliver your OTP SMS text messages worldwide within 5 seconds.

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Premium Quality

Premium Direct Routes, OTP Rest SMS API Gateway to deliver instant OTP SMS, Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS Globally. Get 100 Free SMS Credits Now. Scalable, flexible and state of an art Infrastructure.

High Availability and Scalability

Expand your reach to customers with our proprietary SMS API Gateway Server that seamlessly integrates with your systems and supports multiple interfaces, with minimal programming effort.

Real Time and Data

All the reports are in Real Time and Real Handset delivery DLR. All the reports are authentic and handset delivery.

Fair Pricing

Pay only for what you need and get the best value for your money, with our specific routes that consider your business needs and the urgency level of your messages. What get you here Won't get you there ! Simple SMS Pricing for Business.

Reporting & Analysis

We do provide authentic DLR and Mobile terminated reports in the SMS portal.

SMS URL Shortened & Link Tracking

The URL shortened enables you to have long URLs automatically shortened by Rivet SMS. Long URLs can take up valuable character count, which may impose higher SMS costs due to multi-part messages. The URL shortened solves this by reducing the number of characters in the SMS.

Reach, Engage

95% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes. Interact with your values potential customers with engaging and relevant SMS messages.

Transactional SMS

With transactional SMS you can relay transactional information to your loyal customers – this improves the business growth and helps to build a trusted relationship, In Transactional SMS you can send SMS like Order Status, Delivery notification, Bank transactions, School fee reminders, hospital appointments alerts and much more


For startups and growing businesses, an online specialist can develop a digital marketing plan to help you grow.

Dedicated Accounts Manager

For startups and growing businesses, an online specialist can develop a digital marketing plan to help you grow.

One Login Global Connectivity

For startups and growing businesses, an online specialist can develop a digital marketing plan to help you grow.


Frequently Asked Questions

A 2 Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of security to your web application, website, software or mobile app. A unique numeric code is sent automatically to user through an SMS to their mobile number, the user verifies themselves as the authentic user by inputting the received 2 factor authentication code to access their online account. With 2 factor authentication, user data can be fully secured, as user with the linked phone number can only be able to access the account at the time.

A sender ID is the unique name that is displayed on your recipients phone when you send message to them. To register your Alphanumeric Sender ID, you need to fill the sender id registration form for each network operator, like in UAE for Etisalat and Du. As a proof of your business you need to provide some official documents like your company registration or license along with the registration form.

An HTTP API is an application programming interface that uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol as the protocol to communicate between the client and server systems. In case of HTTP APIs the endpoints are exposed as API gateways for HTTP requests to have access to a dedicated server. REST API are one form of HTTP API which use HTTP methods like GET, POST, DELETE, and PUT.

REST API stands for Representational State Transfer and is an architectural pattern for creating web services. A REST API should be Client-server, Stateless, Cacheable, Uniform interface and have Layered system design. REST APIs are great for when we need application that requires scaling in the future development process.

Authorization code are used to provide authorized access to the clients to server side resources. When an authorization code is used in the application, we can verify ownership of the user, because he logs in with the Auth code and we know that the client, is really who he says because the client is sending his auth code.

The cost a message depends on the message type (Unicode SMS messages are limited to 70 characters and others messages to 160 characters) and the country where message is sent. For more information on message pricing please look into pricing menu.

Rivet SMS application service is very handy application, which requires minimum guidance and easy to use. There is complete transparency in pricing with no hidden charges, no monthly contracts, no minimum purchases, lifetime validity on your credit.

You can buy any quantity of message as you wish, there is no minimum purchase requirement, and the message credit will have a life time validity to use. If you want to try before you buy we can also set you up with a Free Demo account with some credits to get you started and check with our services.

Generally, SMS providers will impose restrictions on when you must use the purchased credits. But Rivet SMS credits have a life time validity – they’re your credits and you can use them at any point of time, we would never take them off you!

We provide you with the highest quality routes and can guarantee delivery of your message to more than 190 GSM providers across the globe.

Our application servers and database servers are hosted on the high performing cloud system to ensure maximum speed and availability. Our engineers are constantly monitoring both network security and performance to ensure the system is always available.

We provide simple and comprehensive API documentation, our API’s can be integrated with any of your application as well as we provide sample code to anyone who requires it, free of charge.

A wide range of payment options are provided to our customer. All major credit/debit cards are accepted through the secure online payment system when you wish to purchase through our web application. You can request for the SMS packages which comes as a bundle , where you can do payment through cheque or bank transfer. Alternatively potential users can contact our support to apply for credit and pay in a way that suits them. Our payment service is designed to be freely accessible to every user, so you can choose a payment method that is right for you depending on your usage.

Our web-based messaging interface enables all our users to easily manage their account and all aspects related to account. You can top up your account online when you have low credit.

Yes, we provide the new user with free demo account along with some credit messages to check our functionalities. You can sign up online or contact us for some free credits to get you started.

Yes, we provide with the delivery report of the message that is sent from your account. In our web-based dashboard, you can view the message summary and other related analytic.

The Rivet support service is free to everyone; we will do everything in our power to help our customers queries to get the most out of our SMS service.

In UAE, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is the ultimate authority responsible for the management of every aspect of the telecommunications industry. They have a certain set of policies when it comes to sending messages or emails. The Policy outlines those businesses must obtain consent from their customers in order to send them marketing messages through SMS.

All businesses that wish to send message to their customers need to abide by UAE message sending rules. As of 1 November 2021, all brands sending promotional (marketing) SMS messages in UAE are required by TDRA Rules & Regulations to register their sender names and upload a consent database on the new Consent Management Service (CMS) platform for approval from the operator, and to prevent their SMS messages from being blocked.

We Provide SMS API for integration into applications, bulk SMS for campaign, OTP message service for customer validation and many more.

Yes, we provide short code which is often used by businesses to allow customers to opt-in to their SMS campaigns, alert services, or to enter SMS competitions.

Yes, we provide full customer support 24/7 related to anything that concerns our client and answer their queries on message sending, message delivery, API integrations.

You need to pay only for the message you send, there is no setup fees, support fees or any other hidden cost encured in our system.

We will take your product marketing to high scale by implementing effective campaigns tools and strategy. Our expertise team has a well-maintained record of business marketing campaigns.

In our web-based interface, scheduling of messaging can be done based on the time, date as you wish. Multiple campaign messages can be scheduled which can thus sent on the time and date setting.

It is best practice to have Double opt-in when you send promotional messages but is not mandatory. As far as you are taking initial consent to text & have provision to Opt them Out if they want to, Double Opt in is not needed.

Bulk SMS service enables to promote your product to bring some potential customers into your business by sending mass text messages nationally and internationally. Thus, the SMS Marketing Solution would come up with an approach for your service, brand and product.

There is no limitation on the number of messages you can send on a single click. You can send any number of messages to the large set of numbers at a particular time. If the quantity of numbers is less then it will get delivered quickly to all the customers. There will be slight variation in the time taken to deliver the message if there are more numbers.

If you have account already then first login into your account through and top up your account for message credits. You can also contact us to upgrade your account with more message credits.
If you are new customer, then goto
1. Click to SignUp and create account.
2. Authenticate your account with the otp you receive in the registered mobile number.
3. Our support team will contact you with the proposal and also provide you with free credit to check our platform.

In order to cancel your account, you can directly write to or Call Us.

We provide invoices for all your SMS credit purchases you do with our platform for SMS services.

When you send message from your account, you will be charged for all messages. You, as account holder, pay for failed messages, that is; messages that were not delivered to a contact in your database. The reasons for this is, Whatever message we receive from your end we forward it to network providers and thus networks charge us for all submissions regardless of the status. We expend more resources in handling failed messages as we re-try sending these messages to the network before reporting it as a failed message.


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