Smart SMS is an ultimate amalgamation of Smart Messaging, it can be used to enrich the mobile engagement with your customers followed by cutting-edge data analytics.

Smart Link helps you to insert a long URL into your message which is automatically shortened by the application, the biggest advantage is you can track and store the mobile numbers once the interested recipient clicks on the smart link.

Smart sms service
Login to Dashboard
Smart SMS Service Provider

Once you log in to your user account, firstly you will be redirected to the user dashboard, the dashboard provides you insights into your SMS Traffic sent, which will help you to proactively monitor SMS Traffic pattern, traffic summary, and delivery percentage.

Once you click on the Smart SMS option, it opens the compose smart SMS page which allows you to send the A2P smart SMS campaigns by entering details like Campaign Name field, Sender Id, Contacts, Message content, etc.

smart sms api
Open Smart SMS Tab
Simple and Smart SMS Services

Campaign Name

You can enter a friendly name for your campaign, by default, a name is created automatically with the current date-time and prefix Camp_.

Sender Id:

In the Sender ID field, if the admin has disabled the Open Sender id Option, the user will have a drop-down menu to select your approved sender ID. Sender ID is also known as From Address or the Originator Address.

Selected Sender ID will appear as the sender’s address on the recipient’s mobile. If the User Account is enabled for Open Sender ID, then a text box will be visible to enter the dynamic Sender Id instead of a drop-down. The user can use any Numeric or Alphanumeric sender ID.


This navigation tab has an option for choosing contact stored in the Groups or the user can upload local Files with the required contacts. The user can also enter contact manually one by one or perform a copy-paste operation for adding the Contacts in the text box. The mobile numbers must be comma-separated.


Every Mobile number should start with a country code and without (+). The user can also select the Auto Add Country Code by checking the box. [The auto-add configuration can be done under the My Profile Tab].

Enter Message:

There is a tab consisting of the last 5 messages once the user clicks on the “Enter Message” text box. This feature is very useful for frequent messaging where content is either similar or needs only a few modifications. A counter at the bottom of the screen will show you the length of the message and message count.


The counters are just an indicative tool. Due to browser compatibility, and encoding/code page issues, sometimes the exact length of the message may not be accurate. If you have very tight content nearing the borderline of 159 or 160 characters, a slight mismatch in count may cost you extra money. It is always recommended to test the content on a few numbers before triggering a large campaign.

Draft And Templates:

The user can select the content of campaigns from the existing saved drafts or the templates. Draft content can be edited before sending, however in the case of templates only placeholders can be modified.


The default value of the Flash check box is unchecked. It can be enabled to deliver any message directly on the handset screen.


For Unicode message contents, the application will detect it automatically and check the Unicode box.


The user can save any message as a draft or even schedule a campaign that is to be executed in the future date. By default, the system will take the date-time as per the time zone configured in your profile.

Smart Link on Smart SMS

Insert Smart Link:

Once you click on icon, the below page option is visible, you need to enter your link or choose the file you would like to upload.

Steps to insert smart link on smart sms - Rivet SMS
Insert URL or Upload File

Enter URL:

You can enter the web link URL that needs to be embedded in your SMS


Choose File:

You can upload a file from your system & click on upload.

Displayed URL:

Smart SMS engine shortens the long URL as a short smart link which will be reflected when you embed it into the SMS.

Add contacts in groups when the recipient clicks on Smart Link(s):

Once you enable this option, the recipient’s mobile number is added automatically to the selected group if the receiver has clicked on the smart link.

Send SMS notification to the agent, when the recipient clicks on Smart Link(s):

Once you enable this option, you need to select the agent’s name to whom the SMS alert needs to be sent by the application if the recipient clicks on the smart link.

Once you click on the Insert link, the shortened URL is displayed in the message content, after clicking on send button the smart SMS campaign gets executed.

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