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On a SaaS Platform

Quickly build chatbot for websites through an intuitive interface, designed with Zero-Code. Conversational marketing made for marketing professionals.


With a Snippet of Code

Add a code snippet to your site (like Google Analytics) and launch in less than 5 minutes. Control what it says, when it launches & how it looks.


Analytics + Feedback

You’ll receive fully transparent analytics, and data that allows you to optimize your bot.

With NLP

Gather the data you need to train your chatbot and easily leverage top NLP and machine learning platforms to make advanced, intelligent chatbots.

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Powerful Conversion Chatbot Platform for Businesses

ibot+ is a conversion Chatbot that understands your users, and then curates information, answers questions, captures contacts, and books meetings instantly. Our conversational marketing and experience platform is proven to increase conversions and reduce costs.

You can build, integrate, and launch ibot+ on your website, or as a landing page in 20 minutes or less. Quickly leverage data collected by ibot+ by porting it over to your CRM, marketing automation, e-mail platforms, or internal portals. Once deployed, you can live chat with customers as well as see rich bot analytics, suggestions for optimization, and edit your bot on the fly.

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Conversation that Increases Conversions

ibot plus Chatbots solution

Conversation that Increases Conversions

Schedule Meetings, Appointments

Visitors can now book meetings straight from your website. Meetings are automatically routed to your sales team’s calendars based on rules you create. You can then see powerful analytics as to how many people booked demos. Easily measure KPIs and along with ibot+ marketing attribution, tie meetings straight to marketing campaigns.

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Each time a customer chats with an ibot+, all their answers will be saved in their user profile. All conversations are time-stamped and dated. Dynamically create user segments based on their responses. Target these segments with additional chatbots or with a personalized email marketing campaign. All information is available in an API that can be sent to your CRM systems, or can be downloaded into Excel.

Unlike other platforms, ibot+ analytics are fully-transparent. Identify users who responded, and see how they flowed through the conversation. You can also identify where people engaged and abandoned the bot, so you can you optimize both your site, app, and future bots.

Get a 360 view of what your users need and how to improve your content and website. See responses in aggregate and the breakdown of how they responded. This tool is an excellent to signal changing user and customer needs as well as site and app content that is either difficult to find, or not compelling.

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Transparent, Comprehensive Bot Analytics

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