SMS Alerts

SMS Notifications

SMS notification is a text message that is sent from a business when some event happens in the business application, to inform about news, notifications, updates, emergencies, offers, etc. For example, when you try to login into your bank account, you might get a notification SMS from your bank that you logged in to your account.

Currently, many companies and industries like hotels, airlines, travel, taxi services, restaurants, universities, colleges, factories, government offices, eCommerce, etc. Using SMS notifications, Communicate to your audience in a Fast, Reliable, and Convenient way. It helps businesses improve the quality of their services by informing mass audiences about changes in events, emergencies, or any other important details.

As SMS has a higher open rate, you can reach one client or infinity by sending notifications of promotions, or campaigns. More than 80% opening rate, SMS communication is more of a personal channel. With SMS Alerts businesses can improve their quality of services and reach to their audience much faster and more conveniently.

Benefits of SMS Notifications:

A business can use SMS notification in various ways. A majority of those have been emergency alerts , sending otp messages and transactional alerts. Marketing purposes, however, have been slowly gaining ground. Businesses, however, need explicit consent of their users, like opt-in, when they want to send marketing SMS. So sending unsolicited messages can lead a business into big trouble in certain countries.

Open Rates are Considerably Higher:

People are on their phones multiple times per day. Thus SMS open rate is higher than other communication media like email’s. Asper research Over 90% of SMS read & opened by users on daily basis.

No internet needed, Thus Audience Better Reach:

Not all people will be having the internet access all the time. SMS notification can reach to such customers with your alert or marketing messages, as internet marketing channel cannot reach to such customers.

Get more Leads & Traffic to your Website:

With smart SMS notifications you can add hyperlinks in SMS notifications, thus encouraging your audience to visit your website ,particular product pages or to any relevant contents.

Brand Name & Authenticity:

Business customers expect to receive an SMS updates from a brand that confirms shipping details, updates the order’s status, delivery details and others. You can use your business brand name as well.

Stand Out with Refined SMS Notifications:

SMS messages used for a wide variety of purposes like transactional and marketing purposes. Moreover, the instant Notification and impressive statistics make them a good choice for short-form advertisements for wide variety of audiences.

SMS Cost:

Pay for only the message that is sent, no other hidden cost incurred. For pricing details please visit our Rivet website pricin

SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications Examples :

To give you a better understanding of how these SMS notifications work, we’ll be looking into few examples.


SMS is an excellent way to engage and drive with your ecommerce customers. An informative SMS can be about the product, the order status, order configuration, order dispatched, or order out for shipping.

Discount SMS
SMS Updates


With online booking facility for restaurants, SMS Alerts can confirm customers with table booking, takeout, or discounts, and updates.

Travels services:

Travel agencies or companies can use SMS notifications for confirming tickets booking, change in schedule, time changes or any issues like delays

Setting up an SMS NOTIFICATION SYSTEM and sending SMS

You can set up SMS notifications within few minutes. There are two ways you can send the SMS alerts & notifications. First one by using the application web dashboard. The second way is by using the APIs. For both the method to be accessible, you first need to sign up for SMS application Platform.

With web dashboard, the sms can be sent to your interest audience and can also be scheduled based on the event and specific time. The SMS REST API integrated with customer website, application or any CRM system that support REST API to automatically send the notification. The SMS notification is automatically triggered when certain actions are performed on the system. Like bank sending notification on account login, cash withdrawal, etc.

A detailed documentation of API and its usage can be found at the Application dashboard, Once an account created at Rivet Application Platform.

It is extremely easy to set up and configure SMS API with your system. The integration process Fast, Flexible and Scalable. API documentation provides a wide range features from sending sms, message history check, senderid details, it is compatibility with a wide range of languages (PHP, Javascript, Java, .NET, C/C++, C#, Ruby, Python,etc.).