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Smart SMS Service

Smart SMS Service enables business marketing campaigns to the next success level, where they can manage website links, file attachments, and web page links in text SMS. When users click the link, the Business can get track of the recipient’s Geo-location data. Customer Location-based campaign marketing is much more effective for any business, as it results in more active and productive customers. With location-based customer data, the SMS campaign focused and make the most of a marketing undertaking. It revolves uniquely around a certain group of people with similar interests, the trending events in that location, and many more.

The practice of customer-targeted marketing is much more effective from any business point of view, as it results in more active and productive customers. Above all Geolocation targeting is a method used by entities to determine the location of a website’s visitor. Based on the retrieved location data, it delivered the content to the users based on their location, country, etc. Basically, the ultimate goal of these is to capture the end user’s attention and turn them into an active customer.

Benefits of Smart SMS

Gathering details about current customers
The location-based campaign service from SMS allows marketers to track their customer’s data. In doing so, they can predict behavior and increase the product or business brand awareness.

High audience targeting
Smart SMS marketing allows marketers to connect with customers in close physical proximity to their business. There will exponentially increase the business growth with this effective marketing campaign.

Attracting new customers to Businesses
Another key point of Smart SMS location-based campaign is the ability to target potential new customers. By using geolocation marketing, businesses can effectively convert leads traffic into new customers.

Marketing Campaign success rate increase
The Smart SMS geolocation not only effectively tracks location, but also gains tangible results on customer traffic and sales.

Features of SMART SMS Service:

Following are some of the features of the Smart SMS service:

Customizable link in SMS:

Easily integrate the website page links, documents, or any other business links with the message.

Location data:

Track the recipient’s current location, country, and state.

Delivery Report:

Retrieve real-time delivery reports of the sent SMS to evaluate the success rate of SMS marketing campaigns.

Send 24/7 SMS:

Our application provides 24/7 support to send bulk SMS worldwide with our high-grade SMS gateways.

Web dashboard:

You can send single SMS or Campaign based SMS Marketing where you can take care of real-time reports with an easy-to-use web-based interface.

Analytics on Open Links and Clicked Link:

Get the real-time count of open links and clicked links.

Manage agents and leads:

Assign a dedicated agent to handle the data that received from Smart SMS Service.

Add contacts in groups when the recipient clicks on Smart Link(s):

On the message, when the receiver clicked on the Smart link, it automatically adds the recipient’s mobile number to the selected group. 

Send SMS notification to the agent, when the recipient clicks on Smart Link(s):

Select the agent’s name to whom the SMS alert needs to be sent by the application if the recipient clicks on the smart link.

Reporting and Analysis:

reporting and analysis

To check the Smart SMS campaign report, goto Smart SMS section of Rivet SMS Application,

then Reports→Campaign Report→Campaign View

Under Actions click on Track Campaign, to view the specific campaign details.

Now the details about the campaign, the number of clicks, count of opened links, geolocation, device name(IOS,Android,..),mobile number that opened the link can be obtained.

You can also download the entire report in CSV format which includes all of the location data of the recipient.