An SMS API is an easy and reliable way to send messages to a large group of people instantly. Using a SMS API, you can send messages programmatically, that is, trigger messages with code. With a communication channel like SMS, where the open rate is 98% and the vast majority of messages are read within […]

OTP SMS for 2FA- Secure and Robust SMS Service

In today’s world, where hacking attacks on online applications and the theft of sensitive information such as passwords and PINs are commonplace, 2FA provides another layer of security. The most common form of 2FA is SMS OTP verification. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is the simplest and most effective way to ensure that users are who they […]

What is a SMS Notification?

SMS Updates

SMS Notifications SMS notification is a text message that is sent from a business when some event happens in the business application, to inform about news, notifications, updates, emergencies, offers, etc. For example, when you try to login into your bank account, you might get a notification SMS from your bank that you logged in […]