An SMS API is an easy and reliable way to send messages to a large group of people instantly. Using a SMS API, you can send messages programmatically, that is, trigger messages with code.
With a communication channel like SMS, where the open rate is 98% and the vast majority of messages are read within a short period of time, there is huge potential for using SMS marketing as part of your sales strategy!

With REST API you can send messages and get delivery reports of sent SMS messages, track the delivery of sent messages, schedule SMS messages for sending at a later time and retrieve and review message history.

HTTP requests to the API are protected by HTTP Basic authentication.

In short, you will use your account authentication keys for HTTP Basic authentication. You can find your Auth Token in your account dashboard under the Profiles tab.

Benefits of SMS API

SMS APIs allow you to send SMS messages using code. You can put messages to your customers on autopilot based on predefined conditions. This makes your operations consistent, predictable and sustainable. But that’s not all.
REST SMS API Integrates seamlessly with your enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP, sales management tools, etc. This makes sending and receiving messages effortless as you can manage everything from a single interface.

Through SMS API Integration, you can automate a wide range of processes. You can set up workflows for different use cases and automate SMS campaigns for each case. For example, if you need to send multiple SMS for customer onboarding at regular intervals, you can automate and run the entire workflow.

With Rivet’s REST SMS API integration, you can track the delivery and engagement status of every one of your messages. You can identify undelivered messages and find alternative channels like email to connect with those customers.

Greater flexibility with more features

Rivet SMS API Gives you direct access to all features in a single place. You can send mass messages, schedule campaigns, automate workflows, track performance, and more.

A good SMS API allows you to send both static and dynamic messages. Built-in redundancies ensure your SMS are delivered on time, every time. Cloud-based solutions ensure dynamic scaling so your SMS campaigns can grow with your business. With advanced security features, API integration can also provide an extra layer of security and privacy for your customers.

Strong API integration also provides advanced analytics. Through the dashboard, you can measure the delivery, engagement, and performance of each campaign. With clear campaign planning, you can also measure the return on investment of each campaign. 

For example, if you sent an SMS for a free product sample, you can measure how many took advantage of that offer and how many purchased the product as a result, directly linking SMS campaigns to your company’s bottom line.

Businesses today use SMS APIs for all their messaging needs. They use it to send:

  1.  Emergency SMS alerts (weather warnings, municipal warnings, etc.)
  2.  One-time passwords (OTPs)
  3.  Automatic updates (status of an order, reminders for appointments, upcoming events, etc.)
  4.  Automated payment reminders (electricity bill, wifi recharge, etc.)
  5. Sales and promotion messages
  6. Announcements and information updates
  7.  Notification messages
  8.  Customer service SMSes

Rivet solutions offers programmable SMS APIs so you can get maximum value from your messages. Use Rivet API services to manage lists, schedule broadcasts, configure triggers and much more.

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SMS API is an HTTP-based REST API, which allows you to send SMS using code from your existing software platform, mobile app, third-party app, website, or CRM.

First, integrate SMS API into your existing application or software. Then send a HTTP POST request that allows you to automatically send SMS notifications to your customers based on some specified parameters.

REST API Requirements

The following are required to send SMS with our REST SMS API:

• REST API Key- API key for the REST SMS API.
• Client secret

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