Want to boost your sales, then be ready to launch your Text Message Marketing Campaign? Here are some best practices to follow for sales and marketing success in your business.

Get recipient consent

Spamming and fraudsters are increasing day by day, hence governing bodies like FCC has imposed certain restriction on sending text messages. According to FCC rules, it is illegal to send message unless you have explicit consent. Nowadays, marketers cannot simply purchase mass database of phone numbers and sending out texts messages to anyone. In fact, such act could lead to violation of governing rules and business may have to carry a hefty fine.

Ensure that you get explicit permission from consumers before sending them text messages. Segment the users and send text message to an audience who are interested with the type of marketing you are promoting, and thus avoiding those who don’t.

One of the key point is, use text messaging as a marketing channel if the customer or potential customer has opted in and supplied you with their phone number.

The texts message that you send to your contacts list should be straightforward, simple and short. Continuously sending of lengthy messages may bother the user from reading it,eventually they will opt out of receiving messages.

Additionally, a single SMS messaging has a limit of 160 characters, so communicate your marketing message in a smart way to grab the customer’s attention.

Make your SMS campaign more interactive, fun and engaging. There are plenty of ways to encourage your target audience to read more closely and make them your active participants. Like provide them with the short code to reply back when they are interested with your brand. Meanwhile, including a link to an company website or video or images with more details about your promotion encourages users to actively participate further.

Many companies want to communicate their new offers or promotions to their customers. It is essential to make sure that the SMS advertising is not overdone. Consumers may simply ignore the message if it simply clutters their inbox. If they receive more than 4 to 5 messages per day, they will be overwhelmed. This could result in consumers deciding not to receive any more messages from you.

Instead, design your SMS marketing campaign to send texts only when needed and limit the number of messages to a specific (reasonable) number of customers.

The content that you present to the audience should relevant and adds value to the consumer’s experience with your brand. Provide useful information, like offer price, discounts that adds additional level of anticipation.

Nobody wants to be suddenly get interrupted by a text from a brand at late hours. To overcome such hurdles, SMS scheduling can ensure to batch your texts and send them out at specific times. You can also group the contacts according to different time zones, ensuring the customer receives a message at a time that is most convenient for them. Coustomers will get the feeling that you’re being intrusive, even unprofessional if you send texts at random hours.

Its the best practice to provide your customers with the Independence of opting out. Any customer who wishes not to receive any text message from your brand can choose to do it.
You can provide them with an unsubscribe link for them to click, or replying to a short code with message “STOP.”

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