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SMS marketing Tool

For high availability, high throughput, A2P SMS business

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Wholesale and retail SMS hubbing platform

Reliable Billing, Advanced Routing and Multiple Gateway connections

Get and operate your own bulk SMS gateway service using the Rivet Solutions SMPP SMS Gateway platform. Our cloud-based platform enables you to operate your own gateway and manage customers, billing, supplier connections, routing and reporting. Use the SMPP SMS Gateway to start a business in mobile messaging, provide your organisation with their own messaging capability, or to upgrade your existing platform with greater reliability, capacity and capability.


Two way messaging with advanced routing capability based on origination or termination


Settings for your SMS gateway that cover billing, routing, user access, operations, services and plans.


Define routes and their use of MSISDN cache, retry profiles, failover and SMSC groups.

Web Panel

Intuitive web control panel with bulk file upload (CSV/Excel/TXT) and advanced contact management

Developer API

Advanced restful API for secure message termination and interaction with various end points of appliaction


View status of worldwide gateway nodes and SMSC connections. Query the status of customer messages.


Reports covering customers, networks and suppliers. Delivery latency of suppliers by country, network and/or SMSC.


Suppliers for your SMS gateway. SMSC connection details, groups and route costs. SMSC maintenance periods.

How SMPP connection Works

Our Platform

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