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Bulk SMS Dubai helps you to
deliver the business offers and important
notifications events directly to your customer’s pocket

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Bulk SMS Dubai helps you to deliver the business offers and important notifications to your customer’s pocket. Bulk SMS is a powerful way to reach more targeted audience locally.

Rivet Solutions Bulk SMS Dubai platform opens an affordable line of SMS communication to your customers, virtually anywhere in the world, enabling you to increase your global reach.

We are providing Filtered Database for your bulk SMS campaigns in Dubai. You can customize your audience by area, profession, salary scale, age and nationality etc.

Behold the true power of bulk SMS marketing in Dubai with Rivet Solutions

With the 98% open rate and no location boundaries, SMS marketing is something you can’t miss out on. You can use it for advertising, newsletters, notifications, or whatever you want to build or maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers. Plus, when you go for our SMS marketing solutions in Dubai, you always know that you’re texting those who might be interested in your products or services, not all people. It is our one-of-a-kind platform that will get you closer to your target audience!

Do you still settle for snail mail as a way to reach your clientele? Then your marketing effectiveness is likely to leave a lot to be desired. Forget about this horse-and-buggy communication channel and switch to something more far-reaching instead. Once teamed up with Rivet Solutions, your #1 bulk SMS company in Dubai, you will become the heavy-hitter in your industry while connecting with your prospects, regardless of where they are. We are here to empower you to follow the most sales-driven customer engagement strategy so that your business has a competitive edge.

What makes our tools the best SMS marketing solutions in Dubai?

We’re glad to grant you access to the feature-rich platform designed to make the difference in all things marketing for your organization. Its key hallmarks allow you to:

  • Easily use it this very moment.
          Jam-packed with the user-friendly dashboard and cross-platform functionality, our tool is at your disposal even now. Access it without further ado to make the most of your bulk SMS marketing in Dubai.
  • Operate locally. Text globally.
          This platform comes connected to Etisalat and du, the UAE’s leading telecommunications service providers. From now on, it doesn’t matter where your prospects currently are since texting them will be  a   breeze.
  • Make your marketing more targeted.
         You no longer need to text everyone to pull in at least someone. Reach those who are waiting to become your customers using area, age, nationality, occupation, salary, and other database filter options.
  • Monitor your campaign performance.
          As the only bulk SMS provider in Dubai that strives to take your marketing up a notch, Rivet Solutions unlocks coverage insights and reports for you. Navigate them right in your dashboard in a few  clicks.
  • Send all types of marketing materials.
         Want to introduce your newly developed product? Promote your time-sensitive offers? Or send useful reminders? Type everything you need and get your first 50 text messages for free.

Launch your SMS campaign in Dubai – On the way from 160 characters to millions in ROI

If you’re ready to turn your marketing into a profitable strategy, extend your reach, and increase brand awareness, rely on Rivet Solutions. It will be a pleasure for us and a win-win for you! So, why not get in today?
To be provided with access to our platform and information on bulk SMS costs in Dubai, call +971 6 7474794 or +971 52 708 8651. Also, you can send us a message without leaving this website. Let’s work out the most ROI-boosting solution for your business!